Five Myths Or False Beliefs Related To Survival

Below, we list a list of these ten survival myths; we hope that if you have ever received this same misinformation, even from your own family, this list and its recommendations can be of some help.

Myth # 1: If you are lost in the desert, you can get water from a cactus.

The truth is that if you find cactus in the middle of the desert, the most probable thing is that the only thing you can get from this plant, apart from pricking yourself, are a few drops of water. Look for small streams, rocky depressions where morning dew can deposit, or the desired Oasis is surely a better plan.

Myth # 2: In an earthquake, the the safest place to take refuge is to get under a door frame

This myth has a variant, which says that in the middle of an earthquake we can look for what is known as a ‘triangle of life’, that is, look for a bulky object and curl up next to it, so that in case it receives an impact, for example from the ceiling or from a wall, compress slightly and create a void or a hole next to it. The first myth only came into being when the houses were made of very weak materials and the door frames were made of wood. However, in most modern buildings today, this has changed, and the door frame is precisely one of the weakest points of any home.

Myth # 3: If a poisonous snake bites you, suck the poison.

In this case, it would be to make an X-shaped cut right in the area of ​​the bite in order to remove the poison. Either way, they are both bogus, since you will never be able to cut or suck the venom so fast as to stop the venom from spreading through your bloodstream. In addition, putting the poison in your mouth could even be harmful, since if you had a wound on the lips or gums, it would end up becoming another new source of entry of the poison into your body. Always try to keep the area where you have been bitten below the heart line and try to maintain a certain moderate physical activity, such as moving to your vehicle to go to the nearest medical centre in search of the necessary antidote.

Myth # 4: If an electrical fire occurs in your home, disconnect the device that caused it immediately.

Trying to disconnect that device that is causing the fire or trying to put out the fire with a water can be the best and fastest way to die from electrocution. If the electrical device is broken, overheated, or sparks or smoke is jumping, all you have to do is go to your electrical panel and turn off the automatic safety controller.

Myth # 5: If you get stuck in a frozen place you can eat snow or ice to survive

Eating snow or ice in handfuls will cause your body temperature to drop, consume more energy than necessary, and could also make you feel bad if that snow was contaminated. It is also a false myth that alcohol helps us to warm up in a climate of extreme cold, even though it comes from the barrel that carries an affable Saint Bernard around his neck.